Dalton Brown

The Chicago artist, Dalton Brown, paintings and mixed media works are colorful and expressive. The loose energetic brushstrokes bring his subjects to life, whether in a small, intimate portrait or larger landscape.  This is a sampling of his work featured at The Great Frame Up in Hyde Park.  Stop by the store to see his latest.
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Dalton Brown
Artist Statement

Paintings, drawings and sculpture morph my experiences into compositions full of color and movement.  A deep appreciation for the Creator and creation, inspire me to make the things I love.


Born in Brooklyn in 1951, I grew up in the Bedford Stuyvesant area in the public housing projects, called “the Marcy”. Although poor, I never realized it until later in life. The ethnic and cultural mix, brought with it a high level of self esteem and pride.

My childhood interest in art, grew into a Saturday scholarship at the Brooklyn Museum Young Artist program. Upon graduation from the High School of Art and Design, I received a portfolio award to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

There I became fascinated with African art and the creative ways our predecessors expressed their vision of the universe. They met the challenges to survive and create from a spiritual wellspring and a primal inventiveness, that inspires and fuels my imagination today.

I completed the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachelor of Arts program in 1974, entered Southern Illinois University’s graduate program in 1976. That year, with funding from the Illinois Arts Council I began as an artist-in-residence with the local school district in Carbondale, Illinois. Now retired from teaching high school art in Chicago, I enjoy making art in my Beverly Art studio.

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