Dalton Brown

One of our featured artists for the month of February is the painter, Dalton Brown.  His energetic painting style is expressive with colorful loose brushstrokes that bring to life his subject matter, whether in a small, intimate portrait or larger landscape.  All shown are framed and on display at The Great Frame Up in Hyde Park now.  Stop by the store to see these now and more of Dalton’s work in November.  To see more of his work on Facebook @daltonbrownart or on Instagram @daltonbrownart57

Dalton Brown
Artist Statement

Paintings, drawings and sculpture morph my experiences into compositions full of color and movement.  A deep appreciation for the Creator and creation, inspire me to make the things I love.


Born in Brooklyn in 1951, I grew up in the Bedford Stuyvesant area in the public housing projects, called “the Marcy”. Although poor, I never realized it until later in life. The ethnic and cultural mix, brought with it a high level of self esteem and pride.

My childhood interest in art, grew into a Saturday scholarship at the Brooklyn Museum Young Artist program. Upon graduation from the High School of Art and Design, I received a portfolio award to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

There I became fascinated with African art and the creative ways our predecessors expressed their vision of the universe. They met the challenges to survive and create from a spiritual wellspring and a primal inventiveness, that inspires and fuels my imagination today.

I completed the Art Institute of Chicago, Bachelor of Arts program in 1974, entered Southern Illinois University’s graduate program in 1976. That year, with funding from the Illinois Arts Council I began as an artist-in-residence with the local school district in Carbondale, Illinois. Now retired from teaching high school art in Chicago, I enjoy making art in my Beverly Art studio.

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